How to attach the hood of a Moses basket

A Moses basket takes less space than a traditional cot, which means it's easier to fit in your bedroom and move around within the house. This is the main reasons some parents opt to use one.

Another reason some parents buy a Moses basket is because they feel their newborn looks a bit small and ‘lost’ in a cot.

We have been getting a few inquiries to explain how to install the hood of a Moses basket. We have all been there, you're due in a few weeks and in the midst of setting up the nursery and Moses basket, you are unsure how to fit the hood. 

You may not have gotten to the stage of washing your Moses basket dressings just yet if you are, all you have to do to wash or replace the hood is remove the locking nuts on the bottom of the hood arms.

Your bare Moses basket will look something similar to this:

Moses Basket Hood | Babies Nz

Super Nanny Moses & Wicker baskets Hood Frame & Fittings


If you are setting up your Super Nanny Moses basket for the first time, please follow the step by step guide on how to assemble the hood.

  • Organize your wing nuts and screws so they're handy on each side of the basket. You'll notice a small hole on either side of the basket just behind the handles. Line up your hood as per the image above and attach the screws and wing nuts.
  • To get the hood to stay up just tighten up the wing nuts until they're tight enough that you have to physically manipulate the hood up and down.

If you're having problems putting your Moses basket together, our customer services team are just a quick phone call away and can talk you through how to put it together while you're on the line.