Chicco Boppy Total Body Maternity Pillow

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Chicco Boppy Total Body Maternity Pillow

The Boppy Total Body pillow has been developed with the collaboration of a physiotherapist to offer total support for your body, filling all of the “gaps” from head to toe, providing support and total wellness to the spine and therefore to the entire body. The use of a pillow designed specifically to provide the mum's body with complete support helps to prevent back pains, favours the side position and therefore improves the quality of sleep.

The Boppy pillows from the mum comfort range offer support to mums during pregnancy, helping to alleviate possible discomforts and tension or simply to help them find much more comfortable support for peaceful rest. Each pillow has been designed to offer the support and postural alignment necessary during sleep and relaxation; they also provide an ideal back, stomach and knee support with variable dimensions according to the model chosen.

The pillow consists of three pieces that can be removed and used or reconfigured for the perfect combination: support for the whole body, support for the head, shoulders and stomach to alleviate possible tension, back support to favour lying on one side recommended during rest.

The modular and flexible design makes it adaptable to various requirements of support that vary during pregnancy. Knee and ankle support allows for a correct position to be maintained. Only knee support, without ankle support, can create a leverage point that may create discomfort during pregnancy. The Total Body pillow is completely washable for maximum hygiene.


  • Offers necessary support to mums during pregnancy
  • Helps to alleviate possible discomfort
  • Flexible design
  • Machine washable